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    High Challenge Course Facilitator

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    Content Writing Services

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    Web Design

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    Educational Consulting

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    Editing and Writing Services

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    Technical Writing

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    Low Challenge Course Facilitator

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    Landscape and Building Photography

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    Multimedia Design, Production, and Editing

Welcome to the collection of my work. This site is dedicated to showcasing my personal and professional accomplishments as well as describing the freelance services I offer.

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A resume of my qualifications and experience.

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See what services I can offer you.

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See some of my past work samples.

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My personal blog where I cover topics related to my career interests.

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About This Site

My online portfolio first came into existence in 2004 as the end of my formal education was coming to a close. The original iteration was designed completely in HTML and CSS with a small amount of javascript. The design was extremely simplistic and the nature of it's installation (simply loading the many html and support files via FTP), made the site difficult to maintain and improve.

In 2010, I decided to do a complete overhaul. After some research, I decided to build the site in RapidWeaver using a purchased theme and plugins. It started simple, but I quickly began to add my own flair using custom HTML, CSS, and Javascript to modify the site as needed.

In 2012, with the rise of mobile platforms, I moved to a responsive theme. Again, I started with a theme I had purchased, but quickly decided to dive into the theme's core files and modify it to my own needs. With a lot of struggle, you have what you see now.